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Find out what people are saying about English Teaching professional...


Varinder Unlu, Academic Director, Bloomsbury International, London

I have always found English Teaching professional  accessible and full of great articles to read which give me lots to think about. 
It also always has many ideas and suggestions that teachers can take into their classrooms. 
As a teacher I really valued the journal as I could read about what other teachers and professionals in my industry were doing, therefore keeping up with current trends and changes occurring around the globe.
As an academic manager, I find it an invaluable resource in the staffroom, one which I can recommend to teachers during teacher development sessions, in lesson planning and also when we are discussing issues and trends in ELT. 
It has the right mix and level of theory and practical ideas and allows all teachers to contribute to it.  It’s written by teachers for teachers and that’s what makes it special.


Laura Neale, Director of Studies, English in York

It was always the 'It works in practice' section of ETp  that captured my attention and imagination when I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed recent CELTA graduate.  Keen to give anything a go in my General English afternoon classes, I was inspired after reading what fellow teachers were up to in theirs!  
Now, as DoS of 'English in York', I turn to English Teaching professional  as a tool for our CPD programme.   I post featured articles on the notice board in the Teachers' Room for discussion at break times.  More formal TD sessions are concluded with a suggestion for further reading, and I regularly find this in English Teaching professional
Our most recent workshop on incorporating phonology successfully, for example, included reference to Mark Fletcher’s ‘Fun with phonology’ (English Teaching professional  January 2017).  We sent off for the super phonemic symbols posters to help us remember all the diphthongs! 
So many of these articles ‘hit home’ as they relate to classroom management, language points and patterns of language acquisition that the team is familiar with.  We all appreciate the immediate relevance of the topics in English Teaching professional  and English in York certainly benefits from and enjoys its small school subscription.


Nick Northall, Teacher and teacher trainer, English Language Teaching Centre, The University of Sheffield

I have been reading English Teaching professional  for several years now and I am always pleased by the range of useful stuff it publishes.
Not only does it have useful teaching ideas and material (as a teacher trainer, I used an excellent lesson on using videos in one of my recent observed lessons!), but also ideas for several areas of teacher development.
I often recommend some of the articles to other teachers in my centre – indeed, I once wrote an article for English Teaching professional  about this myself! Whether you teach young learners, are a new teacher, love technology or just want to exercise your brain during your coffee break, there seems to be something interesting and practical in each issue.
Basically, I think English Teaching professional  is an essential read for all practising teachers.


Over to you!

Whether you're a new or novice English teacher, teaching English abroad on a gap year, or an experienced ELT teacher constantly striving to improve your practice, ETp  is written for you.

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