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In the current issue of ETp


Mage on the stage: insights from beyond ELT

Clare Hampton reveals lessons she has learnt from playing the online video game World of Warcraft and how she has applied these to her teaching.



Hat trick: ‘Six Thinking Hats’ for the language classroom

Matthew Hallett uses Edward de Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’ technique to improve his students’ capacity to take into account other points of view in discussions and debates.


Art inspiration: insights from the teaching of art

Judit Fehér suggests creative activities for language students which are derived from the techniques used by Hungarian art educators.


Insights from beyond ELT: lessons from popular social science

Jamie Emerson takes lessons he has learnt from reading popular social science books during the Covid-19 lockdown, and applies them to his language classroom.


Building knowledge together: inspiration from Paulo Freire

Giulia Sepe finds inspiration from the work and writings of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire and suggests ways in which the insights she gains can be used to teach English.


Turning the tables: taking lessons from becoming learners

Scott and Stephanie Gross go back to the language classroom themselves, and, whilst learning Moroccan Arabic, discover ways in which their own language teaching can be improved.


Drama on Zoom: making a drama out of a crisis

Claire Parsons describes an online drama project with storytelling and film-making which she conducted with her young learners by means of Zoom during the Covid-19 lockdown.


The business of online teaching: basic advice

Paul Bress offers six pieces of basic advice on teaching business English online whether this takes place during the Covid-19 lockdown or not.


Competitive storytelling: a competition to combat Covid

Dini Rosita Sari describes an online storytelling competition which she set up to help isolated Indonesian students and their teachers to communicate, collaborate and share ideas.


Students’ stories 21: The Old Couple Who Made the Cherry Tree Bloom

David Heathfield ends his storytelling series with a Japanese tale about a husband and wife whose good deeds are rewarded and their greedy neighbour who comes to a sticky end.


It Works In Practice November

Activities using questions and flashcards, an activity involving doing actions in a prescribed way, an adaptation of a children’s party game and a ‘fake news’ activity in It works in practice.

What we should know about hybrid teaching and learning

Nicky Hockly answers five questions about how teachers can conduct classes with some students present in the classroom and some online.


The socially distanced classroom: converting loss to gain

David Byrne and Mark Heffernan discuss the socially distanced classroom and examine how we can compensate for reduced interaction between students and convert a loss into a gain.


Targeting Gen Z: reaching a new generation of learners

Diana Bauducco looks at how insights from the world of marketing can be applied to our classrooms, so that we cater better for a new generation of language learners.


Online pre-sessional courses for university

Nergiz Kern and Zoe Smith share their experiences of teaching online pre-sessional EAP summer courses for university students during the Covid-19 lockdown.


Professional development in a crisis situation

Glenda Demes da Cruz reflects on the effects that the Covid-19 lockdown had on a teacher training programme in Brazil.


Reflecting for effective teaching: getting trainees to reflect

Mayuri Sooriyampola recognises the importance for teachers of critical reflection, and describes her efforts to get her trainee teachers to reflect on their teaching practice.


eTwinning: cross-cultural communication

Barbara Muszyńska and Cristina A Huertas-Abril report on their Covid-19 lockdown project, involving online communication between Polish and Spanish university students.


Regular Features



Webwatcher: Mentimeter

Russell Stannard recommends a tool which allows you to build an element of interaction into presentations and explanations.

Not only, but also: theories from the business world

Chia Suan Chong looks at what English teachers teach apart from language.
In this issue, she considers how theories from the business world can help with learner training.