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In the current issue of ETp


Listening: the forgotten skill 1

Lesley Lanir starts a new series on barriers
to effective listening


Listen up!

Chiara Bruzzano adds variety to skills teaching

Time to think

Paul Morin believes preparation time is key

This is your pilot speaking ...

John Kay has students for whom slow speed
is essential

How many have you got?

Chris Roland sees absent students as an
opportunity for the others

Defo take a selfie with that helibike

Paul Bress examines emerging language

Good news!

Mohamed Elhess exploits online news to
cater for diversity

Making reading more fun

Graham Perry takes the solitude out of
studying texts

Integrating writing

Mark Trevarton mixes writing with the other skills

Students’ stories 10

David Heathfield tells a tale of clever trickery

Systematic word learning 1

Charles Jannuzi sets vocabulary learning off
with sets of cards

Let’s revise!

Martin Bastkowski helps his students remember what they’ve learnt

Teaching Young Learners

Fan fiction

Benjamin Moorhouse exploits a growing genre to promote writing


Six minutes and 40 seconds

William Littlewood tackles pecha kucha presentations with trainees

No one told me that! 4

Beth Davies and Nicholas Northall offer more tips for those moving into teacher training


Online testing

Anastasiya Shalamay assesses the technology for assessment

Unlocking the potential of SAMR

Flora Floris and Willy Renandya explain how a technology intergration model can transform speaking and writing tasks

Five things you always wanted to know about: using technology to promote reading skills

Nicky Hockly sees how IT can make a difference


Russell Stannard creates flashcards with Quizlet

Regular Features

English Teaching Confessional

Mario Rinvolucri explains why he started
writing to his students

It Works In Practice



Not Only, But Also...

Chia Suan Chong examines how we can
encourage a growth mindset