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In the current issue of ETp


Is a test best?

Chris Payne explores the research on testing
and learning


BICS versus CALP

Giulia Sepe differentiates different language skills

Secrets, mysteries and lies

Paul Carr suggests speaking activities that
spark the imagination

Using context to infer meaning

Angelos Bollas helps his students decode
contextual clues

IELTS without tears 2

Graham Perry makes argumentative essays
more engaging

Learners with special needs

Damian Cunniffe faces the challenge of
SEN students

Making corrections stick

Claudia Keh has a way to reduce repeated errors

Students’ stories 8

David Heathfield tells a story about three pieces
of wisdom

Vocabulary: principles and practice 10

Marijana Macis and Sam Barclay verify how
vocabulary knowledge affects reading

Cultural barriers to academic writing

Brett Cumming examines the role of culture in
how we write

Teaching large classes 4

Hall Houston and Andrew Starck conclude their series on the triumphs and tribulations of teaching big groups

Teaching Young Learners

Metaphorical name badges

Derek Wong finds out what his students really think about English

Business English Professional

Question everything!

Richard Buckley shows students how to succeed when they are put on the spot

Teacher Development

Picture this!

Michelle Ciminelli runs a teacher training project that promotes the use of photographs

No one told me that! 2

Beth Davies and Nicholas Northall offer more tips for those moving into teacher training

Defining successful teachers

Kirsten Holt considers how teacher competences can quantify good practice


Considering Kahoot!

Ian Adkins and Ben Nazer survey their students on the value of Kahoot!

Five things you always wanted to know about: the flipped classroom

Nicky Hockly discusses another approach to teaching


Russell Stannard uncovers fake news

Regular Features

It Works In Practice



Not Only, But Also...

Chia Suan Chong celebrates the teaching of creativity