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In the current issue of ETp


ELT: Industry or profession? Training and professionalism

Keith Copley looks at the status of teachers and the connection with training



Here comes Johnny English! A plan for task-based e-learning

Daniel Costa uses a comedy film as the basis for a task-based lesson plan


Broken windows: classroom management

Jaber Kamali takes a zero tolerance approach to classroom management


The sound of silence: rhetorical silence in teaching writing

Eamon Cunningham finds wait time beneficial for his writing students


How do you read it? Different approaches for different texts

David Wilson considers different kinds of texts and different ways of reading


Un-will-ing students: teaching awareness of the will future

Thomas Ziegelwagner activates his students’ awareness of the will future


Students’ stories 14: Uncle Rabbit and Uncle Coyote

David Heathfield presents a tale of trickery from Guatemala


Beating stress: mindfulness in the classroom

Matthew Lunt champions the benefits of mindfulness for teachers and students


Different ways, different means: catering for all

James Heal uses differentiation to cater for all his students


Learner choice: Giving students options

Stephanie Hirschman gives her students options both in class and at home

Teaching Young Learners

Breaking the ice: getting students off to a good start

Daniela Incze gets her students going with a range of warm-up exercises



Brands and marketing: a business project

Vanessa Street describes a task-based project for business students



Flipping training: doing input outside course hours

Melissa Lamb explain what happens if you take away training input


The curse of knowledge: experience isn’t everything

Chris Payne says it isn’t enough to know something, we have to know how to teach it



Gimkit: a quiz app that is an alternative to Kahoot!

Derek Wong introduces a quiz app that offers an alternative to Kahoot!


Learning analytics: data offering valuable insights

Shawna Vervloet finds learning analytics to be an efficient tool


How technology can be used in class with ‘warmers’

Five things about how technology can be used in class with warm-up activities


Webwatcher: VoiceTube

Russell Stannard discovers a video site with subtitles and note-taking facilities


Regular Features

It Works In Practice



Not only but also: controversial topics...

Chia Suan Chong on teaching topics typically not covered in teaching materials