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In the current issue of ETp


Lexical chunks 1: vocabulary for International English

Charles Lowe considers the teaching lexical chunks for International English.



Flipped lexis: changing the order in which we teach vocabulary

Anna Kamont recommends teaching all new vocabulary for a unit of work first.


Talking rubbish: a fertile topic for creative language work

Ken Milgate finds rubbish a good topic for creative writing and thinking.


Foreign Language Enjoyment: pleasure as a key ingredient

Charlie Taylor sees pleasure as a necessity for students of all ages.


Teach your peers! a presentation and discussion activity

Sean Toland outlines a presentation and discussion activity.


Keeping them hooked: ensuring engagement when online

Nicoleta Nechita ensures her students’ engagement with online lessons.


Demystifying the read-aloud

Gail Ellis and Sandie Mourão discuss picturebooks in early English learning.


Could you do me a favour?

Paul Bress considers the importance of register when making requests.


It Works In Practice September 2021

Suggestions for a range of activities on creative reading, creative speaking and creative writing.



Yes and No: response cards for online teaching

Jonathan Lee and Matthew Hogg recommend response cards in online classes.


In-house professional development: opportunities for teachers

Eman Elturki outlines in-house teacher development opportunities.


Sauce for the gander?

Charlie Ellis and Kat Lucas apply student descriptors to teachers.


A hybrid conference: the future of ELT events?

Edward Evans wonders whether a mix of online and face-to-face is the future.


Rethinking homework: a task-based approach

Gargi Sarkar gives ideas for using technology for homework assignments.


Regular Features


Scrapbook: Castaway

Not only, but also: spotting logical fallacies

Chia Suan Chong on teaching topics typically not covered in teaching materials.