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In the current issue of ETp


Tales of the unexpected?

Richard McNeff sees unforeseen happenings as opportunities


Taking it personally

Jamie Clayton makes reading texts more relevant

Taming Shakespeare

Stephanie Hirschman delights her students with dramatic scenes

Fringe benefits

Charlie Ellis finds the Edinburgh Fringe an inspirational teaching resource

IELTS without tears 3

Graham Perry gives help with describing processes

Defo take a selfie with that helibike

Paul Bress examines emerging language

Overcoming a fear of the unknown

Iain Maloney discovers a place for creativity in academic writing

Students’ stories 9

David Heathfield tells a story about a wise barber

Vocabulary: principles and practice 11

Suhad Sonbul considers the interface between vocabulary and listening

Singular plurals

Ken Milgate uses World Cup commentaries to highlight the use
and abuse of group nouns

Working towards a common goal

Patricia Barzotti fosters cooperation in large classes

Teaching Young Learners

Child’s play!

Andrew Griffiths addresses the way we teach games rules and instructions

Business English Professional

Eight types of presentation

Ben Dobbs proves that not all presentations are the same

Teacher Development

Keeping teachers motivated

Jeny Rapheal looks at what institutions can do to maintain motivation

No one told me that! 3

Beth Davies and Nicholas Northall offer more tips for those moving into teacher training


English or Dinglish?

Chris Panell concentrates on the language his students need to know

Necessity is the mother of invention

Nisrail Kurbaniyazov describes why Dropbox meets his needs for e-portfolios

Five things you always wanted to know about: automated writing evaluation

Nicky Hockly assesses whether AWE is awesome or awful


Russell Stannard asks questions with Google Assistant

Regular Features

It Works In Practice



English Teaching Confessional

Adam Miller explores the roots of his love of reading

Not Only, But Also...

Chia Suan Chong recommends building relationships