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In the current issue of ETp


Emergent language: working with spontaneous language

Danny Norrington-Davies researches the strategies that experienced teachers use when working with emergent language – that produced by students in real-time interactions



Find your online teacher self! Switching to online teaching during Covid 19

Ulla Fürstenberg and Elke Beder-Hubmann explain why it is important to get your priorities right when switching to online teaching during the Covid 19 crisis and beyond


From face-to-face to online: getting the balance right

Anastasiya Shalamay suggests activities that teachers switching to online teaching during the Covid 19 crisis can use to balance the advantages of face-to-face and online teaching


Facing up to the virus: tips for teachers still working in classrooms

Julian Burnley offers ten helpful tips for teachers who are still permitted to meet face-to-face with their students during the Covid 19 crisis


Online discussions: strategies for active interaction

Lucas Kohnke introduces strategies for motivating students to participate effectively in online discussions – particularly important with much teaching currently going online


Go NUTS! A basic formula for designing creative activities

Roxy Lee and Stewart Gray introduce their formula for designing creative activities to use in the young learner classroom – NUTS: New, Useful, Together and Support


The importance of creativity: being creative in the YL classroom

Paul Drury recognises and reinforces the need for creativity in the YL classroom – explaining why it is important, why it is in danger of being crushed, and how best we can nurture it


Service, please! 1: formative assessment

Martina Dorn uses a memorable soup analogy to explain formative assessment and the importance of its role in teaching and learning


Students’ stories 18: Chichibìo and the crane

David Heathfield uses an Italian tale about a quick-witted cook to show how students can be encouraged to use the ‘freeze’ technique in exploring the meaning of stories


Scrapbook: Threats to our world

Gems, titbits, puzzles, foibles, quirks, bits & pieces, quotations, snippets, odds & ends on the theme of threats to our world

Types of motivation: the efficacy of intrinsic motivation

Charlie Taylor explains the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, argues that intrinsic motivation is the more effective and explores how we can foster it in class


Thumbs up! Thumbs down! gestures with large classes

Mayuri Sooriyampola explains how she uses gestures and mini-whiteboards with large classes to ensure that even the students at the back are engaged and involved in the lesson


Creativity is contagious – pass it on! Creative inspiration

Antonia Clare and Alan Marsh examine the source and importance of creativity in teachers and students, and offer two creative and inspiring tasks to try out in the classroom


Hopes and dreams: a morale-boosting online lesson

Huma Hasna Riaz Ahmed presents an idea for a morale-boosting online lesson that encourages the students to look forward to a world beyond Covid 19 and offers hope for the future


Coach potatoes: alternative advice to combat training fatigue

Rose Aylett offers an acronym to encapsulate the questions trainers need to ask about their INSETT provision and to inspire them to make it fresher, more interesting and more successful


Stuck at home? Technical advice on online teaching

Derek Wong gives technical advice and practical tips to teachers who have been forced by Covid 19 to switch from classroom teaching to online teaching for the first time


What we should know about the use of personal data

Nicky Hockly answers five questions about how teachers can make their students aware of how personal data is collected and how it might be used


Regular Features



Webwatcher: Zoom

Russell Stannard finds that during the Covid 19 crisis, the whole world is using Zoom, so he offers help and advice on this useful videoconferencing app

Not only, but also: agile learning and teaching

Chia Suan Chong looks at what English teachers teach apart from language.
In this issue, she considers the need for students and teachers to be adaptable, flexible and agile.