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In the current issue of ETp


Cherish your students' differences: making a difference to learning

Glenda Demes da Cruz says putting the students first makes us better teachers



Negotiating learning: involving students in lesson planning

Sinéad McCabe and Andy Gaskins look at involving students in lesson planning


Teaching studentship: promoting autonomous learning

Stephanie Hirschman believes success is held in the students; own hands


The new ‘F’ word: why oral fluency is not the Holy Grail

David Greenslade argues that the quest for ‘fluency’ may be misguided


Overt teaching: keeping students in the loop

Mark Heffernan and David Byrne make clear exactly what they are teaching


Getting personal: making set material less rigid

Enda Scott finds ways for his students to personalise set materials


ACKTion! Drama techniques for verbal fluency

Melinda Gamlen recommends drama techniques for verbal fluency


Red, white or green? Checking understanding

Claudia Keh goes beyond simply asking her students if they understand


Students’ stories 15: The pot

David Heathfield tells a comic tale of stubborn laziness from Russia

Speaking of IELTS: making exam practice fun

Graham Perry finds fun in exam practice speaking activities


Unleashing the generative power of chunks

Ken Lackman describes a strategy for making the most of lexical structures



The challenge of children: tips for young learners

James Heal shares what he has learnt from teaching young learners



So many conferences, so little time

Rakesh Bhanot considers what teachers get out of attending conferences



Get real (or not)! Virtual reality in ELT

Pete Sharma tales a look at the use of virtual reality in language teaching


Webwatcher: Padlet

Russell Stannard revisits an online tool that just keeps evolving


Regular Features

It Works In Practice




Chia Suan Chong on social-emotional learning and why it should be important to us