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In the current issue of ETp


Interactive reflection: learning in your own classes

Jason Anderson considers the benefits of teacher reflection in class



Developing learner autonomy: steps to student independence

Irina Wing believes students need support in becoming autonomous


Classroom language: an overlooked teaching opportunity

Charlie Ellis sees classroom language as a teaching opportunity


Dealing with difficult adults: a simple strategy

William Chaves Gomes adopts a simple strategy for winning students round


Language in colour: a new teaching resource

Stephanie Hirschman describes the creation of an original teaching resource


Homework or no homework? That is the question

James Heal considers homework – if we set it, what forms could it take?


Students’ stories 17: Apendi and the 100 gold coins

David Heathfield presents a Kyrgyz tale about a tricky character


Mediating communication: the role of roleplay

Ethan Mansur and Riccardo Chiappini examine the role of roleplay


Teaching via video calls: tips for the virtual classroom

Zoe Flaherty offers tips for teaching business English via video calls

Psychology with CLIL: teaching university students

Patricia Barzotti describes her experience of CLIL with psychology students


Sharing your life: personalising language examples

Paul Bress uses his own personal experiences to model language


Negotiation of meaning: encouraging students to speak up

James Venema encourages his students to respond promptly to question


Ten tips for trainers: ideas for upgrading your training

Beth Melia-Leigh and Nicholas Northall suggest ways to upgrade your training


Getting published for the first time: a reflection

Sandi Ferdiansyah reflect on his experience as an EFL writer.


Five tools to try: useful non-teaching apps

Slobodan Kelečević suggests some non-teaching apps to aid your teaching.


Preventing students from becoming distracted by their mobiles

Five things about how to help students resist the distraction of mobiles.


Regular Features

It Works In Practice



Webwatcher: KAHOOT!

Russell Stannard describes how students can use Speechling outside class to practise their language skills

Not only, but also: COACHING

Chia Suan Chong on teaching topics typically not covered in teaching materials