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In the current issue of ETp


Out of this world: using virtual reality in the classroom

Nergiz Kern immerses herself in the teaching possibilities of virtual reality.



My virtual classroom: creating a virtual learning space

Paige Brown uses a virtual classroom to make online learning attractive.


Making it real: creating social presence

Sujani Balasooriya creates social presence in her virtual lessons.


Literature circles: the power of authentic reading

Amy Purevsuren harnesses the power of authentic reading.


Preparing Middle-Eastern students for IELTS 1

Joanna Buckle believes that preparation and managing expectations are key.


Organising students’ notes: making it manageable

Joseph Quinn shares ideas for helping students organise their notes.


Encouraging creativity in writing: six principles

Ben Moorhouse offers six principles for encouraging creativity in writing.


Literacy at primary level 2: reading games

Maksim Gusev suggests games and ideas for teaching children to read.


Using literature with children: exploiting texts

Riccardo Chiappini offers suggestions for getting the most out of a text.



The comma – a pause for thought: the use of commas

Ken Milgate takes a moment to consider a vital punctuation mark.


It works in practice - May 2021

MA collection of activities in It works in practice.


Extensive listening through film 1

Charles Jannuzi and Gabrielli Zanini set up an online listening library.


Improving intercultural business awareness

Ming Gong uses simulations to improve intercultural business awareness.


ET in ELT 2: elicitation techniques

Chris Payne elicits participation from the whole class.


Caring and sharing: promoting wellbeing

James Heal suggests teachers, students and managers look after each other.


A lateral approach to language teaching: Duolingo

Christopher Walker offers a duo of new ways to use Duolingo.


Chatting with Andy: using chatbots

Flora Debora Floris and colleagues use chatbots in language teaching.

Regular Features


Scrapbook: Virtual reality

Not only, but also: the etiquette of virtual communication

Chia Suan Chong on teaching topics typically not covered in teaching materials.