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In the current issue of ETp


Recognising the importance of teachers

Natalia Wright voices her vision of the future.



Success with online activities

David Byrne and Mark Heffernan establish criteria for successful peer–peer monitoring.


The chat box

Ethan Mansur zooms in on tips and tasks.


Moving teenage classes online

Enda Scott enthuses over the potential of online teaching.


Online discussions: strategies for active interaction

Lucas Kohnke introduces strategies for motivating students to participate effectively in online discussions – particularly important with much teaching currently going online


Food, glorious food!

Michelle Ocriciano finds a feast of ideas for online classes.


Another way with SWOT

Ruth Little applies a business analysis to general language skills.


Managing online fun

Chris Roland sees the advantages of teaching online – with a structured and supportive approach.


Online classes for preschoolers

Riccardo Chiappini offers ten tips.


Students’ stories 19

David Heathfield tells a tale of an impossible choice.

It Works in Practice July 2020

More tested lessons, suggestions, tips and techniques which have all worked for ETp readers. Try them out for yourself – and then send us your own contribution. All the contributors to this issue will receive a digital subscription to Modern English Teacher.


Scrapbook July 2020

Gems, titbits, puzzles, foibles, quirks, bits and pieces, quotations, snippets, odds and ends.


Let’s map it out!

Margit Szesztay and Uwe Pohl consider interactive work modes in the classroom.


Service, please! 2

Martina Dorn continues her exploration of formative assessment with practical activities.


Working with emergent language

Richard Chinn offers reflective advice to the teacher and the teacher trainer.


Intercultural collaboration

Sandi Ferdiansyah and Kenia Ninoska Obando tell a tale of international cooperation – online.


Five things you always wanted to know about teaching younger learners live online

Nicky Hockly explains aspects of technology which some people may be embarrassed to confess that they don’t really understand. In this article, she explores live online classes for younger learners.


Regular Features



Webwatcher: Zoom

Russell Stannard recommends recording with Flipgrid.

Not only, but also: agile learning and teaching

Chia Suan Chong looks at what English teachers teach apart from language. In this issue, she looks at how we support our students’ wellbeing.